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We know your lunch hour is important. Let’s be honest – it’s the only time of day you get to do what you want, and more often than not there’s an awful lot that this one little hour has to make up for. That’s why we take it so seriously.

So you sit around answering the same questions, tapping the same buttons, looking at the same faces and thinking the same things. Then it’s lunchtime. What do you do? If your answer is “nip over to Boots for a pre-pack” then I suggest you read on, before navigating your way back to the front page and savouring every article. Then you can come back and answer the question again (correctly). If your answer is to try one of the many fine and varied independent food establishments throughout your city, and maybe try something new then you’ve saved us some work. All that remains for you to do is to find one.

More than anything on a lunchtime we like to try something new. Now there’s no need to panic here, I’m not suggesting you try sheep’s brains on toast or a trotter baguette. If you like a Ham salad on white bread with no tomato, then you can have a Ham salad on white bread with no tomato every single day and we’ll back your decision. All we’re saying is why don’t you give someone else a go and see if they can do it better?

If your usual is a pre-pack then I can guarantee that not only will you find a better sandwich or lunch from one of our reviews, you’ll also be able to find it cheaper, more interesting, and a damn sight more friendly. After all, you get a lunch break every single day; that’s a hell of a lot of time to waste.

You can find lunch spots by their location, or use the menus to the right of the page to view them any other way you wish. If you need to know something, you can put a question to our members, or sign up yourself, it’s always free. Even if you’re not a member you can review your own lunch, and if you run a lunch spot you can invite us over!

In case you were wondering, here is our publishing schedule:
Blog Buffet: a round-up of local (and not-so-local) food blogs that we’ve enjoyed.
Local Lunch Review: The bread and butter; a locallunch review. This is where we tell you about the food we have (hopefully) enjoyed at one of the lunch spots on our current visiting list.
Others: we know they’re not popular among locallunchers so we keep this to special occasions, but once in a while we will bring you up to speed on the big boy food chains illuminating our streets. We’ll also review our favourite products from local supermarkets and independent shops, as well as feeding you any other news and opinions we have !

What is a locallunch?

We hope you enjoy locallunch! Let us know what you think.