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Not been featured on LocalLunch yet?

Seriously, it’s nothing personal. It’s not easy to find good lunch spots, which is why we’re here. If you fancy seeing your LocalLunch spot featured on our site but we’ve not paid you a visit yet, feel free to skip the formalities and just invite us over. We don’t need to get to know each other first, we don’t need candles or flowers, and you don’t need to worry about texting us the next day.

What to do
Check to make sure you offer a locallunch, then head over to our contact page and let us know where you are, what you do and when we can drop by, then put your feet up and wait for us to get back to you…

…which we will do pretty quickly, because the chances are we will be more than happy to eat your lunch. And you don’t even have to hold our hand.

See you soon!