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To some people the folk featured on this here page are just everyday people eating their everyday lunch and then wasting time writing about it. To others, however, they are giants among men; some legendary for their extraordinary appetite, some for their in-descriminating palate and all for their heroic dedication to documenting their lunchtimes. It is for these people that we bring you, happy readers, the Lunch Munchers:


Where do you munch your lunch: Leeds and Bradford mainly

Favourite kind of food: Fish and chips is a staple but anywhere that brings pastrami or chorizo on the menu will do well with me. Sandwiches are one of the reasons I live.

Least favourite kind of food: Anything creamy. Why bother.

Favourite place to eat: Recently discovered river Plate steak restaurant in Leeds and loved it.

Anything your area is missing: We’re missing a lot of things!

Anything to ask the readers: Where do you get sandwiches with a bit of imagination?


Where do you munch your lunch: Around Peterborough

Favourite kind of food: Burgers. I’m not bothered what sort, but I like a lot on it. They don’t frighten me.

Least favourite kind of food: Don’t give me anything fishy.

Favourite place to eat: I’ll let you know…

Anything your area is missing: Anything out of the ordinary. Someone needs to take a chance or two!

Anything to ask the readers: Tell me where you get the best burger in town please guys



Why not?

We would dearly love to have lunch reviews and updates (it doesn’t have to be a review, we also like to be kept up to date on what’s opening up, what’s new on menus etc) coming in from all over the place so if you’re interested in joining in just let us know.

If you would like to be featured as a Lunch Muncher, you can either contact us or get stuck straight in and review your lunch.