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Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are
Franklin D. Roosevelt

We like our principles here at locallunch. We don’t apply any rules to the places we review but on the whole, and to qualify as locallunch venue, we do expect an eatery to fit in with our principles. They might not be yours, but here are ours:

  1. We don’t like chains. They’re for tying people up and that’s not nice. The places we go should only be available within our area / region.

  2. Money. It can’t buy love so why charge so much for a sandwich? The locallunch budget is £10 and we expect to get plenty of love for that. The more we get for that tenner the better, but don’t let it affect quality. Please.

  3. Deals are allowed, nay, encouraged – and we particularly advocate the use of our name in any ‘locallunch’ specials. You can expect huge point gains for this flattery ;)

  4. We haven’t got all day, and neither should you have. If we’re in for lunch, we expect the turnaround to be pretty fast so we can get back to our imaginary jobs. On an evening or during the afternoon you are free to slow the pace down quite a bit.

Other things we encourage:

- Use of local suppliers / local delicacies
- Experimental and exciting menu choices
- Selling produce (your own or others)